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Zagan County is located in the south-east part of Lubuskie Voivodship on the border of Silesian Lowlands (Nizina Slaska) and Cat Hills (Gory Kocie). It spreads over an area of 1131 square km which constitutes 8 per cent of the whole Voivodship and is inhabited by 85,000 people. The average density of the population is 72 people a square km, which is the same as the average in the Voivodship and in the German border zone but much lower than the average for Poland (124 people a square km).
The advantageous location of the counties lying along the border with Germany creates beneficial conditions for trans-border cooperation.
The County has a mild climate, with the warmest region of Poland (Lower Silesia). This climate is characterized by short winters with a short period of snow cover and mostly winds from the West and South-West.
Much of the area is overgrown by forests (43.9 %) – Lower Silesian Forests where the Rivers Kwisa and Czerna flow into the Bobr River. 62 kilometers of the Bobr River are within the County border. Along the river many dams have been built to generate power. A richly resourced water system and abundant forests help the natural environment by creating a unique ecosystem in the area.
The potential for regional development is strictly determined by the communication systems. Two important national roads leading to the German Border go across the County:
- Route A18, a road of international importance, Euro-route  E36, on the way from Berlin to Wroclaw and on to Lviv, a part of so called Pan European Corridor III
- Route A12, runs from Leknica to; Zagan – Szprotawa – Glogow – Wschowa and finally to Dorohusk (Ukraine)
Natural resources excavated in the County influence the development of certain kinds of economic activity. The forests develop the manufacture of wood. Rich sources of geological layers of glass sand, silica sand, and clay are the raw materials which have influenced greatly the development of glass and ceramic manufacture. Zagan and Szprotawa have the most industrial potential, manufacturing and services play the key roles.
When dealing with land management, the Communes specify the area’s most attractive for investment. They offer favorable conditions for potential employers. The most attractive investment offers are those concerned with the ex-military airports which used to belong to the Soviet Army.  There are hangars, repair halls, workshops and air-raid bunkers in Tomoszowo, a village in the Zagan Rural Commune and also in Wiechlice in the Szprotawa Commune.
Another attractive area is the investment zone in Ilowa Commune located next to motorway A18 (Berlin – Wroclaw – Lviv)
The County has sufficient ground and surface water resources meet demand. Near Gozdnica Town, Ilowa, Zagan and Szprotawa Communes there is the Main Ground Water Reservoir (No 315), the so called Chocianow Gozdnica
There is sufficient landline telephone capacity. There are automatic exchanges with local phone networks and terminals. There are two operators in the County - Telekomunikacja Polska S.A and  Dialog. Mobiles can be used across the whole area of the County. Electricity can be supplied to any potential customer.
A crucial element of the County’s development is cooperation with the business environment. It was a County initiative to establish The Support Centre for Enterprise as a branch of Economic Forum Association of Zagan County.  The Centre gives basic and professional advice on the economy and setting up a business, and also how to receive financial support.
The help is directed to small and medium sized businesses in Poland. Businesses can also get help from the Local European Information Office, which advises on the procedures of obtaining funding from EU and State funds. The companies and businesses from the County can take part in workshops and lectures which can prepare them for benefiting from the funding available.


Zagan County forests are well managed and healthy.  The forests contain Roe Deer, Red Deer, Wild Boars and Hares; you can also see Foxes, Badgers, Partridges, Pine Martens and even Raccoons. Protected species i.e. the Crane, the White-tailed Eagle and the Black Grouse have found a perfect habitat for living and breeding.
Within the County there are a lot of villages which belonged to a communist type of commune – the so called National Agriculture Farms. After these institutions were dissolved, a lot of the villages struggled to survive; only few managed to overcome the crisis, the others could barely make the ends meet. Most types of the soil in the area are rye soil, complex (brown soil) and pseudo-podzolic. Brzeznica and Niegoslawice are typical agricultural villages. The soil in the Niegoslawice area is the best quality in Lubuskie County
Szprotawa has most land users in the County (over 12,000 hectares). The role of agriculture in Ilowa is minor, as only 20 per cent of the land is used for farming, the same is true of in Wymiarki Commune where most of the land is overgrown by forests. More and more often these cheap plots which belong to The Agency of Agriculture Property (an agency of the Ministry of Agriculture) are purchased by Wroclaw and Poznan citizens and transformed into allotments. 
Technical Infrastructure
The communes of Zagan County are equipped with a natural gas pipeline, power line, sewage and water systems. Two telecommunication operators are in the market here. The city of Zagan and Ilowa Commune have a modern sewage plant. A new plant is also being planned for Szprotawa. The water and sewage system in Zagan Commune is now being extended. The road connections are well developed. 
Manufacturing and Services
Manufacturing companies employ over 4500 people in the area. In the Zagan Rural Commune an aggregate mine is operating in the prehistoric valley of the River Bobr. As well as this industry, a computer company and building and metallurgy companies have their bases within the ex-military areas.
The industrial Ilowa Commune has been known for water glass production since the 13th century. The glass is also produced in Wymiarki Commune.
Gozdnica is dominated by the producers of building ceramics, which use local sources of Miocen clay.
In 1998 Zagan City was listed as the most attractive town (Class A – up to 30,000 inhabitants) for investments. Traditional craftworks can be found alongside textile manufacturers and refrigeration manufacturers. Other branches of industry are: local building companies, and fast developing producer of toys that exports their products to other European countries.
The Industrial Zone is receiving more and more attention. There are already three important companies who are backed by German equity in the area.
The River Kwisa has been ranked as a mountain river (Class 1 water purity), for this reason there are fish typical for this kind of a river such as trout and brown trout. The main river in Zagan County is the Bobr River (for a distance of 62km). Along the river many dams have been built to generate power. There are power plants in Gorzupia, Grajowka, Zagan I and II, Malomice, Szprotawa and Leszno Gorne. The clean water systems rich in wildlife and abundant forests help the natural environment and our health by creating a unique ecosystem and microclimate in the area.

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